Jan Kubr

About Jan Kubr

Hi there! I’m Jan Kubr, mainly a Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer from Prague. See my professional summary or my LinkedIn profile.
I write about Ruby and RoR at jan on ruby and here about everything else. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me via Flempo. Cheers.

  1. Hi Jan,

    My name is Peter Szinek. I am a freelance Ruby/Rails developer (http://www.workingwithrails.com/person/9262-peter-szinek).
    I hope you are the right person to ask about this (if not, please dispatch it to a better candidate): I just returned from EURUKO 2007 (a.k.a. the European Ruby Conference) and we already started to discuss the location of the event next year. So far Prague is a clear winner, 100% of people want to hold it there (me too – Prague is a beautiful city (with a lot of nice pubs :-)). So we are looking for somebody from the local community to get the ball rolling. Do you think you could help us with this or know somebody who could? Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Cheers, Peter

  2. Hey Peter,
    very good choice! :)
    Of course I’m willing to help (although not sure what it all takes) and I’m sure members of our local community will be, too.
    Will e-mail you more.
    I thought our Ruby on Rails forum would be a good place to discuss this.

  3. BTW yes, it is going to happen: http://www.euruko2008.org/ !

  4. Jan,

    Via enkele ruby on rails dev’s, heb ik jou naam enkele keren horen vallen. Ik houd me als recruiter voor verschillende bedrijven bezig met RoR functies. Zou je geinteresseerd zijn in een (telefonisch) gesprek om te kijken of we iets voor elkaar kunnen betekenen?

    Met vriendelijke groet,


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