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My last week’s best and worst pieces of entertainment

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2008 at 10:19

You already know from me that Venture Voice is the best podcast on Earth (on entrepreneurship, at least), but you don’t know yet that its latest episode with Jeff Stewart is the best episode so far (quote: “The way you create wealth is by creating wealth for everybody.”). This might be the first and last episode of any podcast I’ll ever listen to more than once.

I’ve written about Michel Houellebecq’s book The Possibility of an Island before and although I wasn’t too excited about it, I think it’s worth spending the time to read it. But if you ever ever come across the movie that is based on this book, don’t even think about wasting your time watching it. It is by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Although I read the book, I have no idea what the movie is supposed to be about; it has no plot and no ending. Even though this is a 2008 movie, it’s full of boring long shots as if you were watching a movie from the seventies. Eh, to make it short, watch something else or read the book.

A link visited: Zeitgeist, The Movie

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Another eye opener you shouldn’t miss. The movie Zeitgeist shows us what really is behind the myths we believe in.

Its first part shows that The Bible is nothing than a literary astrological hybrid by pointing to the huge number of similarities of the story about Jesus with earlier (especially) Egyptian religion that was based on astrology. Three kings, the cross, and Maria are in fact stars in the sky, did you know that?

Second part talks about the problems the official explanation of the 9/11 tragedy has. Well, I’ve known already there are many suspicious things.

Third part concludes basically with: You’re lied to all the time. Wars are extremely beneficial for people with power and especially bankers in the modern age (state has to increase their debt to finance war). And the reasons why wars have been started often were not what we were told. (The movie says Pearl Harbor was known about before the attack, the Vietnam war was started after a staged incident and so forth.) The next war is about ourselves. All the “homeland security” laws in the States are here to control us (I mean Americans, but might not be that far from happening in the EU). Because what these elites want most is power and to control the whole world.

OK, I’m not sure about all the things from the last one and I’ve heard about the second one already. The first one was very interesting though. I considered The Bible to be just a regular thick book full of tragedies and murders, but now I know it’s also a collection of older stories from various other sources.

The important part though: In the very end, the movie says that what these people (with power that lie to you) want you to do – is to be afraid. Afraid of God punishing you, of Hitler, or terrorists. Because if you are afraid, you obey. If you are not scared, you live your life with passion and love and you tend to revolt. Think about it, isn’t christianity about you not revolting and obeying the whole life and then (after you die that is!) maybe just maybe you get to heaven where you finally will be allowed to enjoy your existence? Well maybe just maybe screw that and live every day as if it was your last.