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A book read: “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2008 at 14:07

This book took me forever to finish. Another one I wouldn’t buy myself, but was given by a friend and didn’t want to leave it half-read. The first third is fun an interesting, then it’s get super boring and in the end it states the obvious.

What’s crazy though is that it’s based on a real story! I thought it wasn’t true  (although the author claims the contrary in the beginning) after I found plenty of videos with the author proving that yes, he dates (dated?) a member of Courtney Love’s band, got Britney Spears’ phone number etc. Puts the whole story into a different light, actually.

Yes, so what is this book about you wanna know? It’s about how a writer who had had huge problems dating girls discovered online forums where men were exchanging tips on how to pick up women most effectively. And the best ones even had seminars where they taught their skills. You guessed it, what Neil did was that he went take these lessons to become a guru himself.

And that’s just the beginning of the story, but you won’t care much because it’s not all that interesting. You might pick this book up (how appropriate wording) to discover how to become a pickup artist yourself. Well, I guess they are better sources for that, but this book has some interesting tips, too. If you prefer quantity over quality, you might try one of these:

  1. You have three seconds to start talking to a girl after you notice each other. After that you can become too scared, she’ll think you’re weird, and the situation gets awkward.
  2. If your target is in a group of people, focus on men and less attractive women first. Make the group like you.
  3. If you’re easy to get, she won’t care.
  4. Be happy and smile.
  5. Be different than others (e.g. in what you wear, that you don’t buy her drinks, ask the same questions as everyone etc.)
  6. Dinner is too long for a first date. If you find out there’s not much you can talk about, it’ll be awkward (and she might deny your invitation because of this).

And many more. The good thing about these tips is that it might help you become a better communicator / deal maker / social person instead of (or together with) getting hundreds of women to bed. Basically many of them simply make you a better and more interesting person. And, oh, they will improve your chances of getting and keeping the one woman you’ll actually care about.