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Target audience of an in-flight magazine of a low-cost

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2008 at 10:49

SkyEurope’s in-flight magazine Runway is full of tips on how to eat and sleep (quite) expensively around Europe. However, the target audience of such texts as I imagine it doesn’t really match the crowd I can see on boards of SkyEurope’s airplanes. And I fly quite often (at least more often than you think). These people seem to like to keep their expenses as low as possible.

What does this mean? Don’t members of the the Runway staff know their audience? Or are they trying to “educate” them; to show them they should be spending more? But wouldn’t that mean these people would then stop flying with SkyEurope? Or is it a  – we’ll grow with them; we’ll become more expensive as these people become richer – kind of thing?

Not the first time the airline industry left me clueless.