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I have become a startup co-founder

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2008 at 18:19

It’s been time. We are called Livispace and will be doing both consulting and our own products. The idea is the more successful we are going to be with the products, the less we can work for clients. The scheme is now 2/3 (products/clients), but it might change in a few months.

The idea is to have a “Living Virtual Space” of business applications that will integrate well with each other and will provide founders and employees of these companies to have more freedom. We are focusing on the Czech market, although we are going to have English versions of our products pretty soon after releasing the Czech versions (if not immediately).

Flempo has become a first member of the Livispace’s product suite, another one is coming up very soon. Telfa will be a virtual telephone exchange (VOIP PBX, a call center) which you’ll be able to set up in a day or two by simply going to a web page, sign up, and configure your number and dialplan.

Exciting times, keep fingers crossed.

  1. Congratulations with your new business. You may be interested in this product:


  2. Congrats! On starting your own thing, best of luck with Livispace and your projects :)

  3. Cheers guys.

    @PortaOne (nice name btw;): I’ll keep your links here, as you’re not our competitor. At least not yet;). And possible supplier? Not yet either.

    @Michael: Still in Prague? How’s the business going? We should finally get a beer.

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