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The middlemen left, the floor is all yours

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2008 at 21:46

Today I bought some decoration for my room: wall stickers. It is exciting for me; probably not so much for you. What is interesting though is the way the purchase was made.

I bought these wall decals directly from its author, Shannon Jernigan from Fort Lauderdale. I negotiated the shipping costs with her and had a little chat about her marketing.

It is unbelievable how small you can be these days and how all the middlemen are gone even when you sell physical goods. You just get in touch directly with the craftswoman. She doesn’t need any distribution network, she just needs Etsy and the Internet network. She’s talking directly to her customers and thus gets the most direct feedback possible (right after meeting them in person). She can do for living what she loves doing (just needs to find enough people around the world who love what she makes) and be her own boss. The world is moving somewhere where I’ll like it to see.

  1. Yeah it’s a great time to live :) And I guess this goes for artists as well (1000 true fans)

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