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Flempo: E-mail integration got better

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Paid Flempo plans have come with e-mail integration for quite some time. What does it mean though? Two things basically:

  1. Replies to e-mail notifications Flempo sends you don’t end up in a black hole, but rather create a new task comment.
    Thus if you receive a notification with someone’s task comment, you can simply reply to it and the text will comment the same task. If you attach any files to the e-mail, they will be attached to the task as well!
    This is incredibly useful for your customers that are not that much used to use web applications and e-mail is their primary communication medium. Especially if they use Flempo only to create a few requests a week to you, this feature enable get started with Flempo easily from their e-mail client.
  2. Each team has a Flempo address assigned and any e-mail sent to the address will create a new task for the team. This is great for forwarding e-mails you receive to your other addresses. Did you get a request by e-mail and want to make sure it gets done? Just forward the e-mail to the right Flempo address and voila, there’s a new task. Forwarding can even be automated and then all your customers’ e-mails sent to support@ and info@-like addresses can become (easily trackable) tasks in Flempo.

These features have been in Flempo for quite some time and worked great for users already registered in Flempo. Answer a task comment notification from the address you are registered in Flempo with and the created comment will have your Flempo user as the author.

The thing is that most of the time, e-mails to support are sent to you by people who are not your direct colleagues or current customers (yet..). Here’s where the recent improvements come in. The task is created with a “dummy” Flempo user based on the address the message came from. Moreover, any activity on this task can now be “filtered” so it is not longer the case that everything you do with the task will send an e-mail to the creator.

Let’s say you received an e-mail requesting some information about your product. You might want to assign the created task, comment on it to clarify something with your co-workers, or report spent hours for your internal billing. However, these events could confuse the person who sent the request. Now you have the option to skip sending the e-mail:

How you can skip sending e-mails from Flempo

Checking the check-box will cause a notification e-mail not to be sent about this event. Pretty useful.

Moreover, if the person signs up to Flempo with the same e-mail she or he sent the e-mail(s) from, they will be able to see all their tasks and comments created from their comments! Of course except for the events when you checked the magic check-box.

I’m pretty excited about these features, not only will they be useful for many Flempo users, but they also simplify my own e-mail management.

Any feedback? You know how to reach me.

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