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Flempo is backed by Amazon S3 now

In Uncategorized on December 11, 2007 at 2:14

OK all the attachments in Flempo are served from the Amazon S3 web service now. The migration of the old attachments took a bit longer than expected and thus no polishing I was promising in the post about Open Web Awards, but the contest doesn’t bring any traffic to the application anyway, so no big deal I guess; AS3 was far more important. More information about AS3 coming.

  1. […] amazon s3, flempo As I already reported, Flempo is using Amazon S3 to store task and document attachments. Yesterday I also set up regular database backups using […]

  2. […] Tagged amazon s3, downtime, flempo Amazon S3 was inaccessible for a few hours last week. Although this was the first major problem of the service during the last two years and no data was lost, it wasn’t much fun. I did get a complaint from a Flempo user not being able to access their files (Flempo tasks and documents attachments, profile pictures, and custom logos are stored on S3). […]

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