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Flempo nominated for Open Web Awards!

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2007 at 12:04

Yeah. As I have been notified today, Flempo has been nominated for the Open Web Awards Category Applications and Widgets. Now this feels kind of weird. Apparently someone had to choose Flempo for this list, because there are only ten applications in there. So it is not that one friend of mine posted them a link to the app.

Uh, so why is this weird you ask? Well not that I don’t think Flempo isn’t useful; I actually find it very useful already. There are even people who use it every day for real life stuff, not just playing around. People apart from myself, that is.

But it just doesn’t feel that polished to me yet to make it to any list. 30 minutes ago I didn’t even have the short help in the sidebar in the English version. Flempo is supposed to be (read: will be) a social collaboration application, but now it appears just as a decent collaboration tool with community tasks. It is not very friendly to first time visitors, it is not clear what the restrictions of the free version are and what the prices for the other plans are (pricing is not up at the homepage yet). The design is not what it could be. Etc. So my reaction to the nomination is: “Too early.”

But this actually is a very good thing. This will make me improve these kludges not this weekend, but tonight. I expect a long one though..

Yeah so this was my post promoting Flempo as the best tool ever you should not wait a minute to vote for.. You can vote for Flempo here. I might put the badge on its homepage, too:

Vote for Flempo

Just to not be the last one..

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