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[A link visited] Seth Godin about his new book

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Seth Godin wrote a new book (yes, again) which will be released on December 27. Eric Enge interviewed Seth about the ideas in the book. Now this interview is a bit longer to read (I’d prefer having a podcast for such a length), but it’s definitely worth the time.

“It becomes easier to grow. One interesting thing is that with no exceptions, of every consumer brand that has grown from nothing in the last ten years, not one of them has been built on the back of television. In 1978 or 1968 it was a 100%, and now it’s 0%.”

“This is not a little sideshow, I believe that this is the beginning of the future, because there is no reason that I can think of why our children and certainly our grandchildren will sit down and tune into CBS and watch something.”

“They also have the power to have their own channel. They have the power to broadcast, not just receive. And, what that means as a marketer is if you get caught, or if someone doesn’t like you they are going to tell everybody. That’s not word of mouth, that’s something else.”

“It turns out that that’s ridiculous, because paying money to reach somebody who just bought a new car when you are selling cars is silly. Paying money to reach somebody who is doing their best to ignore you is silly.”

I’m telling ya, go check it out..

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