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[A book read] The Dip

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2007 at 11:19

I finally got around to buying a copy of Seth Godin’s latest book The Dip. I read a lot about it on the book’s blog before, but finally bought it when I was in the States a few weeks ago and read it while waiting for the planes back (it is a very short book).

If you skim through the Squidoo lens, you’ll have a pretty good idea what the book is about. The old saying is winners never quit. However, the book says it is OK to quit if you realize you’re in a dead end and what you’re doing doesn’t get you any nearer to your goal. It is OK to stop doing what you’re doing and change strategy.

The obvious problem and the actual difficult skill here is how to realize when to keep pushing (and not to stop just because things are too hard) and when to quit. And no, the book doesn’t answer that. Apart from saying you should come up with a metric and measure your progress towards your goal. If the numbers don’t get any better, quit.

The following quote summarizes the book for me (p. 68):

“Quitting as a short-term strategy is a bad idea. Quitting for the long term is an excellent idea.”

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