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Here I am with a fresh MSc diploma thinking about my future destiny. Or better the future path because I’ve got the freedom to choose. There are two study abroads on my resume, four years of working in my field (last few months abroad, too) and after all, the MSc from a very good Czech school is very valuable, at least in this country. “With this resume, you’ll go get a well paid job in a big international company, right,” one might say. Well maybe not.

Thanks to more sources, I’ve learned a simple decision-making technique: Whenever you need to make a decision, think about your long-term goals first and make the decision based on whichever option supports them best. Yeah, it is not perfect (mainly when your goals or their priorities are yet forming), but it helps. So what are my goals relevant to this decision? Do something that makes sense to me. Work hard, when working. Don’t work too much though, it doesn’t help anything. See some real stuff done every day. Collaborate with people I admire, with whom I feel good, with whom we inspire and motivate each other.., I could go on forever on this one. Face new challenges every day. Work in an environment that suits the kind of work I’m doing at the moment. Work when I feel like doing it, not when the internal regulations say I should do it. Be able to travel – read be allowed to take the drug I got addicted to. And not take myself too seriously. To sum it up, everything on the other side of boredom, dullness, stereotype, feeling of being imprisoned, redundant, and depressed.

How does this go together with a position of a junior look-a-new-suit-dressed-elite-member consultant at, say, Accenture? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am imagining 10+ hours a day filled with oh-so-urgent and super-important events of projects I don’t know the sense of, projects that will ignore the end users, that will be incredibly slow and eventually canceled after exceeding the budget and schedule? Or any of these things. Not much, right? So this is not the way. And since I like to make mistakes because that is how a person learns the most; I’ll try my own business; with my own brand Flempo.

What will be Flempo all about? It will be helping people work the way I’d like to work, too. That doesn’t mean work less, at least not necessarily. But it could because the main thing is increasing efficiency. How? Through flexibility, being able to work outside of the office whenever it is not necessary to be there, to organize the work as a part of an adult’s life, not trying to fill the gaps around work with life. I’ll start with software because this what I think it’s lacking the most, but I’d like to move further later. Future will tell. I’m looking forward to it.

And I don’t want to be on the way to the oh-so-bright future alone. If you like the ideas presented and want to join me, contact me. In the ideal case you hate “my” design and know how to make it better. Or found sooo many mistakes in my poor English and want to correct them.

The blog posts will be about everything what will relate to Flempo. They won’t be too personal or detailed technical, don’t worry. If you liked this one; I’ll see you the next time.

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